==Rules of this forum== (Must Read before posting)

Tell us what you think about the organisation, on what coud be improved, or what you like, or what you would like !

==Rules of this forum== (Must Read before posting)

Postby admin » Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:46 pm

Rules of this forum:
All of the rules from the forum, and some rules specific to this section:
1. English only, there is a french and chinese section, go back to homepage (click on the logo)
2. Be relevant, there is an "other" section if you want to go crazy (by text...)
a) Talk about multiculture
b) Talk about the website
c) Share interesting thoughts (in relation with what is listed above)
d) Talk about environment (more specifically about PANDAS !!! Or not, I mean whatever)

I wish you all an amazing time on this forum, reading our interesting posts (irony ? Meh, can't tell) !
xoxo - The ADMIN
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